Paladin Edit

Equipment: Short Swords, Small Shields, Medium Armour

Stat Bonus: Attack + 2, Defense + 1

Stat Hinder: Intellect - 1

Paladins use both Sword and Shield in battle. They are strong and able to use Sword Skills.

Mercenary Edit

Equipment: Claymors, Heavy Armour

Stat Bonus: Attack + 4

Stat Hinders: Agility - 2

Mercenaries are strong warriors that use Two Handed swords to fight. They are stronger than Paladins but are slower.

Ranger Edit

Equipment: Bow & Arrows, Lightweight Tunic.

Stat Bonus: Agility + 3, Dexterity + 2

Stat Hinders: Defense - 2

Rangers are ones of nature, they utilize their environment during hunting. They are quick and nimble that use bows and arrows to strike enemies.

Mage Edit

Equipment: Rods, Staffs, Light Robes

Stat Bonus: Intellect + 4

Stat Hinders: Attack - 2

Mages use elemental magic to fight. They are not good with Melee attacks, but are amazing with their intellect.

Angler Edit

Equipment: Daggers, Lightweight Tunic.

Tools: Fishing Rod.

Stat Bonus: Focus + 2

Stat Hinders: Defense - 1

Anglers are more focuses on fishing than combat, they defend themselves with Daggers when travelling. They often sell their fish for money.

Blacksmith Edit

Equipment: Own Weapons, Own Armour

Tools: Hammer

Stat Bonus: Focus + 2

Stat Hinders: Dexterity - 2

Blacksmiths are proud to be able to make weapons and armour. They not only sell them but also use them in battle during their travels.

Miner Edit

Equipment: Swords, Heavy Armour

Tools: Pickaxe

Stat Bonus: Attack + 2, Focus + 1

Stat Hinders: Intellect - 2

Miners travel into caves, dungeons and mountains in search for ores and minerals. They often work with Blacksmiths by selling their ores to them.

Carpenter Edit

Equipment: Swords, Light Armour

Tools: Saws

Stat Bonus: Dexterity + 2, Focus + 1

Stat Hinders: Intellect - 2

Carpenters create wooden tools, weapons, furniture. They are known to make good quality items.

Woodcutter Edit

Equipment: Axes, Light Armour

Tools: Axes

Stat Bonus: Strength + 1, Dexterity + 1

Stat Hinders: Defense - 2

Woodcutters travel around chopping down trees to get good quality materials for carpenters.

Alchemist Edit

Equipment: Daggers, Light Robes

Tools: Flasks

Stat Bonus: Intellect + 4

Stat Hinders: Agility - 3

Alchemists create potions and bombs to help out their allies. They are known to be rather nerdy.

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