In Dream Quest there are many different races that your character can be. These range from Human to Elves to Half-breeds to Hybrids.

Human Edit

Humans are the most common race on Lunoria, they are said to be the first settlers and the first to govern the planet. They have a diverse selection of skills that they can have which help them out in their day to day lives.

Unique Traits:

Elves Edit

Elves are the first to be able to use Magic. Originally, they used magic to aid nature and live their lives, but over time Elves began to spread out across the land teaching Magic and breeding to allow other races to use Magic.

Unique Traits: Natural Magic

Dwarves Edit

Dwarves are often seen as miners, they tend to have a lot of gems that they sell to Blacksmiths to help create new tools to dig up more mines.

Unique Traits: Dungeon Navigation

Gnomes Edit

Gnomes are small magical creatures, they are often found living in dark caverns. They have the ability to gather materials easily and horde them.

Unique Traits: Nightvision

Pixie Edit

Pixies are forest dwelling creatures, they have the ability to fly. They are often seen floating around lakes in packs.

Unique Traits: Magic Voice

Half Breeds Edit

Half breeds are the offspring of two different races. For example Humans and Elves. They are able to multitask easily thanks to the genes.

Unique Traits: Father's Unique Trait & Mother's Unique Trait.

Hybrid Edit

Hybrids are like Half-breeds but are more regal. Both parents are strong and intelligent which is passed down in the gene chain.

Unique Traits: Father's Unique Trait, Mother's Unique Trait & Supreme Intellect.

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