The World Edit

Lunoria is the world in which Dream Quest takes place. The world is made up of many lands filled with forests, deserts, ruins, dungeons, mountains, towns, villages, cities. Each land has their own community and laws. But there are still places that have not been discovered.

Towns & Cities of Lunoria Edit

Capital City: Morisa: Edit

Morisa is the largest city in Lunoria, It is best known for its large tower in the center shaped like a trident. Some people call the tower; Neptune's Tower.

Trader's Town: Tesina: Edit

Tesina is the busiest town in the whole of Lunoria, every day people travel too and from Tesina trading goods. It is a hot spot for merchants as well as a great place to sell weapons.

Desert Town: Vo Mari:

Vo Mari is one of the most infamous towns, it is home to bandits and thieves. Vo Mari is run by the Dark Mage: Kesta.

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